Are you a manufacturer?

You cannot deceive customers in the current world telling them “We manufacture”. People believe in good product quality with a combination of great service. Research showed that Manufacturer who sells by themselves were unable to succeed in quality or service level compare to companies who collaborate with manufacturer to provide best combination of product quality with immense service level , taking advantage of synergy affects. So we proudly say that “No We are not” for following reasons


Good Leather Jackets manufacturing is an art and we don’t want to take this art for higher profit margins. Also if you are the manufacturer and a seller too, so there will be less quality checks, compromised quality standards & possibility of selling minor rejected quality goods to compensate losses.


Due to high volume, our manufacturer is able to absorb fixed cost to greater extent, so we get a good price even cheaper than those who are manufacturing on small to medium scale industry MOD.

We use usually use manufacturing on demand system. So again we save the benefit of “Inventory loss, Obselenc, Wear & tear expenses, and pass it to our all customers.

Eco Friendly,

Helping the planet is our drive. We don’t excessively orders to produce but to cater demands of leather goods making our way to less industrial wastages, pollutions, hazards, etc.  Reducing cost for incinerations and passing it to our customers.

How can I pay for my order with HollywoodJacket.com?

For your convenience HollywoodJacket.com accepts Amazon payments,PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express for payment.
Can I make a change after I’ve placed my order?
Changes may be made after an order is submitted but within one business day. Our system is designed to fill orders and get them on their way as quickly as possible. As a result, we are unable to cancel or make any changes after one business day to an order once it has been placed.

Why I have to give my telephone or mobile number for shipping?  

For making possible the on-time delivery, the provision of the correct shipping address along with the telephone / mobile contact number is mandatory.

Where can I look for information on the order I placed?  

Your Order Confirmation email details the price of each item, shipping charges and your order number.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

All of our jackets are ship worldwide; Our customers are surprised by our low shipping rates by DHL or FedEx.

Is ordering online secure?  

To guarantee that your order is secure and to protect your privacy, we use PayPal that has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) utilizing 128 bit encryption. Once PayPal receives your order, it is then decoded and processed.

How long will it take to receive my order?  

We use Expedited service and will take 7 – 9 business days to reach at your door step. See our Shipping Information page with all the details.

Why do I need to register?  

To help us assist you better in the future, please register as a customer on our site. Simply access “Account Registration” on the “My Account” page.

Do you sell Synthetic leather items?  

Yes we do. We have a good customers demand for leather jackets in Faux leather.

Do you Customize leather jackets? What if I send my own design to manufacture?  

We are also top custom jackets provider. Not restricted to the sizes of products we are selling, you can also send us a picture of a jacket you like or can request changes in a current design and we will quote you on your design(s).